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Buy Hair Serum Products Online in Mumbai
Buy Hair Serum Products Online in Mumbai

Buy Hair Serum Products Online in Mumbai

Hair serums are essential for everyone who takes their look seriously. You may be positive that your mane will continue to look good and that it will benefit much from them. The main goal of a hair serum is to make your hair look healthier, less knotted, and glossier. The best serums for women’s hair from Cairo Professional are those that are specifically designed to fit with your particular hair type and address certain problems. To fully maximise the benefits of these powerful devices, a detailed understanding of their proper use is also required.

Which Elements Should You Take Into Account Before Selecting a Hair Serum?

Because hair serums give hair a sheen that helps eliminate frizz and dryness, they work best on long or medium-length hair. The primary concept behind a hair serum is applying a product with a silicone basis to the surface of your hair. It also adds lustre and smoothness and keeps your hair from getting knotted. Although silicon is a common ingredient in hair serums, it’s crucial to carefully study labels to see what else is included in your frizz fighter. For example, if your hair is really dry and frizzy. Buy Hair Serum Products Online in Mumbai with oils like castor, rosewood, and marula would greatly hydrate your hair.

A Complete Guide on Hair Serum Application Techniques

Putting on hair serum is an opportunity to establish a deeper connection with your hair, akin to participating in a spiritual ritual. Feel free to use damp, recently washed hair for this. Warm up a few precious drips by squeezing your palms together before running your fingers through your hair, starting in the middle and working your way out to the ends. After covering each strand of hair, gently comb through the hair to help distribute the material evenly. Allow the serum to work its magic on your hair’s fibres after applying it. After that, you are free to carry out your regular hair care regimen, including air drying or blow drying your hair.

Different hair serums made for particular kinds of hair:

For dry hair

Extremely dry hair need extra attention and nutrition. It’s a great discovery that serums can be stored after being applied to the hair for the entire night. These serums help revitalise your hair while you sleep. Look for cream-based serums instead of oil-based ones as they won’t weigh your hair down and will help hydrate it.

For Curly Hair

Curly hair will always have frizz and become unmanageable as it ages. Based on a study, hair that is curly or wavy responds well to serums that have a high moisturising component. Seek for serums that are high in moisturising oils such as argan, jojoba. Sweet almond to help maintain and rejuvenate the elasticity and shine of your curls.

For Coloured Hair

For chemically or color-treated hair, there are lightweight cream-based hair serums with silicone bases that also include extracts from jojoba, argan, coconut, and green tea. Hair that has been chemically treated or dyed can benefit most from these.


Nothing less than the best hair care products available should be used on your locks. Looking for a more sophisticated hair care routine? Serums are your one-stop store for anything hair care related. A serum from Cairo Professional will take care of everything, whether you’re looking for a growth serum to push your hair to new heights or a reparative serum to saturate your mane with cutting-edge ingredients for results fit for a salon.


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