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Keratin and Botox Hair Treatment in Mumbai

Keratin and Botox Hair Treatment in Mumbai

Having perfect hair is every woman’s dream. Others resort to original techniques and use blow-drying or straightening irons, some use traditional methods to achieve their goal. But with technological advances, many products, such as Keratin-based Hair Botox, have appeared to please those who need hair care.

Keratin hair Botox treatment

Keratin hair Botox is a cutting-edge procedure that rejuvenates the hair fiber and gives shine to the hair. Hair salons often use it at the request of clients. Make no mistake, although the name is “Botox”, it is a keratin-based mask that does not require injections. Since the scalp and hair are devoid of muscle, the term “Botox” is just a marketing term that better embodies youth, but in no case will you have paralyzing effects.

It is mainly intended for people who have hair damaged by frequent bleaching, or just by brushing and straightening or by unsuitable hair products. Hair Botox restructures the hair fiber without having side effects on the scalp. It disciplines the hair, hydrates it and makes it shiny thanks to its components.

What is it made of?

Hair Botox is mainly composed of keratin and hyaluronic acids. Hyaluronic acid is already a molecule present in your body, the latter is the guarantor of youth. This is why Botox injections are used in cosmetic surgery to rejuvenate muscles that are showing wrinkles. With age, the quantity of hyaluronic acids decreases and wrinkles appear. They have a moisturizing property for the hair.

It deeply hydrates the hair without changing its material and texture. On the other hand, keratin fills the holes caused by the chemicals used and deeply repairs the hair. Since it is an essential and majority element of hair, damaged hair will be the main targets. Due to a lack of keratin, hair becomes damaged, breaks and loses its softness due to several factors such as the sun, pollution, chemicals and hair dryers. Keratin hair Botox by Botox Hair Treatment in Mumbai is therefore a perfect blend of substances essential to the hair to strengthen its structure while increasing its hydration level.

How often should you use this keratin Botox treatment?

The result of the hair Botox treatment will depend on the severity of the problem you have with your hair. The more damaged your hair is, the more regular the treatment should be. For straight hair that wants to be hydrated, a single application would be enough. But for very damaged hair, after the first treatment, the hair becomes more disciplined and repaired, but requires another treatment after a few weeks. The effect will last from 4 weeks to 8 weeks depending on the pause time and the frequency of rinsing and washing the hair. After this time, another application can be done.

What are the opinions about keratin hair Botox?

Generally speaking, hair salons use most keratin-based products for straightening. Thanks to its ease of application, hair Botox is an excellent choice for those with damaged hair. Users are generally satisfied with the result which takes effect from the first application. With no side effects, the product still contains no harmful, but not dangerous products, which also attracts the attention of users. Users want natural products while Botox contains chemicals that are unsuitable for sulphate-based shampoos. To look beautiful and have perfect hair, girls must contact with Keratin Hair Treatment in Mumbai experts to use this hair Botox which does not cost too much.


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